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Courses, trainings and workshops

The organizer has the right to select his clients.

Organizing the courses or workshops is at the organizers discretion and availability. Registering your interest, pre-ordering, signing up for a workshop or confirming participation by payment does not oblige in any way the organizer to organize the workshop.

Online workshops are organized via third-party platforms.

For in-person workshops the final participants list for a course or workshop will be compiled in order of paid confirmations made by participants and within the limit of available seats. If this limit is breached, confirmations will be suspended and users who already confirmed past the limit will be automatically placed on a waiting list for future editions. Participants placed on a waiting list will be notified and they can opt at any time for full refunds and to be taken off the waiting list. Otherwise, they will remain on the waiting list and their payment will remain as credit for a future workshop of their choice for which they still need to confirm attendance once available.

For courses or workshops that are postponed or cancelled with confirmed participants or for users placed on the waiting list, the organizers do not hold any obligation in terms or prioritizing those users or participants or giving them preferential treatment in any way. The organizer is also not obliged to supply the service in the future at a certain price level regardless if that was the level at which the user or participant originally preregistered or confirmed participation unless the participant issued a payment.

The organizer does not have any obligations in relation to participants for aspects such as transportation, accommodation, personal safety, health or any other. Nor it is responsible for faulty piece of equipment on the users end that will render the supply of the service impossible.

The workshop contents, venue details (except the address, date and time) or other details such as catering or any other facilities are for information only and may be subject to change. The contents of the courses are compiled reflecting the professional and personal experience of the trainer and should not be treated as exhaustive or sole basis for business decisions or other types of decisions. The organizers are not responsible for any outcomes resulting from the workshop participation. Some courses are at introductory level and individual training outside the course content should be made.

This is not an accredited course. Certificates issued are of symbolic value and they prove participation to the course but do not formally qualify the user for any qualification and should not be used as formal degrees.

Refunds for in-person workshops will be made at a quantum of 100% of the paid amount for cancellations coming from the organizers and 50% (unless the organizer decides otherwise) only for cancellations made by users 45 days prior to the workshop date. A 4% transaction commission may apply.In the case that the participant requested the 50% refund and the workshop he was supposed to attend gets cancelled at a later date the participant has no right to request the whole amount.

Refunds requests should be made formally by the user on the refunds@guidetoinsights.com email address.

Refunds for not organizing the workshop due to states of emergency, acts of god or any other unforeseeable situation that is not the fault of the organizers but renders them in impossibility to perform the service will be at the organizers discretion.

Not attending the in-person workshop after attendance was confirmed and no cancellation was requested 45 days prior to the workshop date and workshop is organized does not qualify the participant for any type of refund or right to receive any materials or content.

Refunds for online workshops will be made at a quantum of 100% for requests submitted within 30 days after purchase or 30 days after course launch for pre-ordered courses.

Consultancy services

The consultant has the right to select his clients.

The financial terms and the coordinates for the consultancy sessions will be communicated case by case before the beginning of these sessions but after them being requested by the potential beneficiary.

The consultancy services will be made on a "first came, first served" basis and within the limits of the availability of the consultant.

The consultancy service is for the beneficiary information only. The full responsibility for the effects of implementing these decision rests with the beneficiary. The consultancy service supplier does not guarantee in any way any results, the growth of business or any other positive or negative results. Also, the consultant supplies consultancy in good faith according to his expertise and this should not be interpreted as being exhaustive.

The consultant encourages the beneficiary to consult other sources or opinions as well before making a decision.

The consultant or organizer is not liable for any communications errors that led to faulty communications with messages not going through or any  consequences resulting from this. This is enforced especially if that communication comes from contact details different from the ones the user originally registered with. The user is responsible for checking the SPAM folders or email filters of his email addresses. Please look for confirmations of receiving your messages and emails, otherwise assume that they were not sent. Please call if no confirmation on receiving your emails came within 48 hours.

Quizzes, assessments & certificates

Quizzes and assessments results are for entertainment purposes only and have an informal value.

Quizzes, assessments and certificates as instruments or their outcomes are not to be used as formal assessments or accredited certifications or diagnostics. For entertainment purposes only, quizzes and certifications may label users as experts, champions, ninjas, beginners, etc. These labels do not hold any accredited value and are not certified diagnosis of the users or their skill set.

For accredited and certified results, please take a certified, accredited assessment.


All services except donations will be subject to receiving an invoice. Invoices are compliant with the law, are issued via third party sites and will be issued in English. Please contact us for any inquiry in relation to invoices.


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Limited responsibility

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Terms and conditions of services presented on this website may be changed in any moment by the supplier without notifying the user in advance.

Use of information

Communications from users (other than personal data mentioned in the Privacy Policy) are treated as non-confidential and not being their property, and the owner of this website may use the information in any purposes, including reproduction and publishing, as well as using the ideas for commercial purposes. Thus, in case the users will intervene with questions, comments, suggestions or any other similar information in respect to any material, these information will be considered as non-confidential and the owner of this website will have no legal obligation tied to this information having the right to reproduce, use, publish and distribute the respective information without restriction. The owner of this website will have the liberty to use in any purpose the ideas, concepts, know-how and techniques mentioned in this information.

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