5 Pointers To Recognize Awesome Research Data Proposals (+Bonus Checklist)

Published on May 20, 2021
Liviu Moroianu
Head of Research at Petrus

Good craftmanship in recognizing a great offer will take you a long way. Knowing all the intricate details of a successful research plan is very important. This enables you to get in the habit of sensing when a proposal is clear, accurate, and on brief. The goal is to learn how to best standardize competing offers from research suppliers to a common denominator while minding the robustness of the results.

Basically... A research proposal is just like a contract with extra steps.

1. The Plan

Like a great idea, a great plan inspires and makes it easier for everyone involved to put their trust in the data. Make sure the plan details the approach, targeting, data collection, sampling, proprietary methodologies used (if any), and timeline.

2. The Process

Data-driven clients need to know what they're getting as well as how and by when. Deliverables, revisions, quickness of turnaround, feedback loops, availability for client support, and options with different pricing and packaging are just as important.

3. The Match

Talk is cheap and time is money. A good match should be obvious from the get-go. Kind of love at first sight, if you will... Everything should be clear, accurate, on brief, at the right level of detail, and have a professional look and feel.

4. The League

Keep it in the same league. It’s mainly about costs versus returns, so make sure the proposal stays within budget, is mindful of direct costs, and is aligned to offers from competitor data suppliers.

5. The Pick

Level the playing field. Further standardize competing offers keeping in mind the robustness of results, and then choose based on quality, reputation, and bonuses. Reliability, a good track record, ease of collaborating, talent, expertise, and creativity will tip the scale quite easily in favor of a supplier over another. I'm sure you already knew that! No alt text provided for this image

15 Elements Of Successful Data Proposals

  • 1. Challenge or pain point
  • 2. Outline or scope
  • 3. Methodology or approach
  • 4. Data collection details
  • 5. Timing (best time to undertake the project)
  • 6. Timeline (duration overall and for intermediary phases)
  • 7. Team (profiles, availability, and expertise)
  • 8. Deliverables (final and intermediary)
  • 9. Options and packages with different price ranges
  • 10. Conditions and admin (offer expiry date, installments, invoicing, VAT, etc.)
  • 11. Accuracy
  • 12. Clarity
  • 13. Look and feel
  • 14. Overall budget
  • 15. Fees and direct costs

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